Look for … “The fall . . . is the grandest sight imaginable”

Do check out the online Journal of the American Revolution. An article I wrote about Niagara Falls titled “The fall . . . is the grandest sight imaginable” will be published in the August edition. It includes descriptions of the Falls by several visitors, both men and women (among them Hannah Lawrence Schieffelin, Anne Powell, and Elizabeth Simcoe) who journeyed to see the cataract that was already famous in the eighteenth century. I’m sure you will find other items to pique your interest.

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  1. While scrolling down your list of women I saw the name Elizabeth Simcoe. It caught my eye since I have been watching the series “Washington’s Spies” on AMC. (Entertaining but flawed about several historical facts). There is a British officer named Simcoe in the series who is portrayed as a mean, vicious dreg of society. Having never seen the name before, I am curious if Elizabeth may have been married to a British officer? I will look at the links you provide. Thank you for posting all this good scholarly work on women’s history. I first started following you when I saw the Charlotte Chambers postings, and I bought your book, because her grandfather (?) Benjamin is an ancestor of mine. Everything I had read about that family was, of course, only about the men! I was delighted to read Charlotte’s reports of her travels around central Pa and in Philadelphia.

    Comment by Teachjean — November 9, 2017 @ 6:42 am

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