“hope . . . bids me look forward with Confidence”

Trying to protect her family and survive in Greenbank, New Jersey, while warring factions were active in the area, MARGARET HILL MORRIS was not expecting a happy new year. She wrote this in her journal on January 1, 1777.

This New Years day has not been usherd in with the usual Cerimonies of rejoiceing &c, & indeed I believe it will be the beginning of a sorrowful Year to very many People—Yet the flatterer hope, bids me look forward with Confidence & trust in him who can bring order out of this great Confusion—I do not hear that any Messengers have been in Town from the Camp.

Let us hope that 2015 will not be a “sorrowful year,” and that order may come out of the great confusion that seems to surround us. May sanity prevail.

The New Year’s entry can be found on page 102 of In the Words of Women.

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