“having teeth transplanted”

Mary White Morris was the wife of merchant and financier Robert Morris of Philadelphia. She deplored the fact that immigrant servants willingly endured extreme measures for the benefit of the wealthy just to be able to purchase the bare necessities of life. She wrote from Philadelphia in 1784:

The fashion most in vogue here at present is having teeth Transplanted, Mrs. [Margaret Cadwalader] Merideth I saw Yesterday on Her back; She had gone through the operation two days before of haveing two put in, & intends having a Third, The number of Irish servants that have arrive’d this fall have from their necessityes afforded the Lady’s opportunityes of Supplying Themselves. I hope that there is no american whose necessityes are so Desperate as to be induced by 6 Guineas to part with what is so valuable.

The excerpt is from In the Words of Women Chapter 8. page 213.

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