“I have been very busy … a making you a Shirte.”

Joseph, the soldier husband of Sarah Hodgkins, in camp on Long Island, asked his wife to send him some shirts. Though she was struggling to provide for their three children and care for her elderly father-in-law, she managed to make him one and send it off. Sarah constantly begged him to come home, which he did from time to time, but Joseph kept reenlisting. He survived the battle for New York and saw action in the Hudson Highlands and at Valley Forge.

Ipswich June ye 2 1776Loving Husband these Lines come with my most afectionate regards to you hoping they will find you in good health as they Leave me at this time through the goodness of God … I am rejoiced to hear you are well. I am Sorry to hear that you are amongst a People that are So unkind as you inform me they are. Monday night—my Dear I began to write a Letter Last night but it was So Late before I begun I could not write much. I have been very busy all day to day a making you a Shirte. You Sent to me to Send you a couple & I had but one ready for the Cloth that I intended to make you Some Bodys of. I have not got it Quite done So I was abliged to take one off of the Cloth I had in the house & I have got it done & washd and Sister Perkins is now a ironing of it … I want to See you very much. Sometimes I am almost impatient but concidering it is Providence that has parted us I desire to Submite & be as contented as I can & be Thankfull that we can hear from one another.

From In the Words of Women, Chapter 2, page 59.

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